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Flexible prevention of API breaches

Based on the world's first modular proxy technology
Zorp API Security is a highly flexible API security solution that helps enterprises gain control over their API traffic. With Zorp API Security, you can enforce, transform, encrypt and analyze API traffic to prevent API breaches. Thanks to its flexible architecture, your organization can implement custom API security policies without compromise.
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granular protocol control
Full interpretation and validaton of 20+ network protocols
Connection handling on application layer
Control of protocol channels ( e.g. file transfer, port forward)
comprehensive encryption support
control of SSL / TLS-encrypted protocols
TLS 1.3 cryptography support
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api breach prevention
Unauthorized user and bot access, data leaks, (D)DOS attacks, misuses and human errors have become real threats for companies operating API infrastructures. more...

Protecting your organization from API breaches is the ultimate goal of Zorp API Security. You can authenticate API requestors, control API calls and inspect traffic in detail. By encrypting traffic, you can further increase the security of API communication and enforce a custom API security policy without affecting business operations. less...

traffic analysis
Zorp API Security supports detailed and flexible logging. more...

You can extract customized data from API traffic, which can then be analyzed from different perspectives. You can also forward security relevant logs to the SIEM or SOC to improve your API security monitoring posture. Zorp API Security also supports big data tools and data lakes (for example, Kibana, Elasticsearch and Kafka) as potential log destinations. You can send pre-filtered, quality data to these destinations for in-depth business analysis.less...

Regulatory compliance
PSD2 requires banks to secure the financial data flow via their public-facing APIs. GDPR indirectly requires anonymization or pseudo-anonymization of personal data in transit. more...

The PCI DSS requires financial providers to encrypt transmission of cardholder data via public networks… All these regulations have one key requirement in common: they require regulated companies to protect customers’ data at rest and also in transit. Zorp API Security helps streamline your compliance efforts through its comprehensive access control, encryption and audit capabilities. less...

Protecting legacy systems
Zorp API Security can ensure compatibility with your legacy systems by modifying certain elements of API traffic. more...

This enables the possibility of hiding information about security risks and treating the vulnerabilities of your legacy applications. For example, you can remove error messages, banners or other information specific to the applications to hide faulty configuration or sensitive information about your back-end infrastructure. It can even force legacy encryption protocols to upgrade to the recent TLS version. less...

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Traffic validation (Enforcer)
Traffic validation ensures that traffic flowing to and from API endpoints adhere to the specifications. Not only is conformance to the HTTP protocol enforced, but each request and response is validated down to the field level against the schema describing the API. This ensures that only permitted data is ever transmitted through the gateway and prevents incorrect or potentially malicious data reaching your servers or sensitive data from being leaked.
Validation of incoming/outgoing API calls (scheme matching)
Deep inspection of API messages
Full interpretation of JSON file formats
Validation of API endpoints with OpenAPI 2.0 (swagger) schemas
traffic insight
Zorp API Security provides unparalleled means for extracting data of interest from API traffic and transferring them to various data warehouses and analytic tools. The deep understanding of calls and flexible configuration helps you extract all relevant data, and only the relevant data, in real time right from the source.
Detailed debugging, security & audit logging
Customizable data extraction from traffic content
Forwarding to big data tools, log analyzers or SOCs/SIEMs
Zorp API Security can handle the TLS protocol (the secure layer of HTTPS) in the traffic to ensure a consistent implementation of encryption in front of your back-end systems that don’t necessarily support TLS. This setup also allows flexible configuration of TLS towards various communicating parties.
TLS/SSL encryption of API traffic
Enforced data encryption
Customizable encryption policy towards communicating parties
Traffic control
Located in front of your backend servers, Zorp API Security can also act as a load balancer for the servers. Thanks to its deep inspection capabilities, the gateway can apply versatile security enforcement policies.
Granular or default-deny security policies
Load-balancing between back-end services


Focus on API security

In contrast to API management vendors where security is just a checkbox feature, Zorp API Security focuses exclusively on API security by offering a killer combination of validation, transformation, encryption and analysis of API traffic.

Why do you need API security

The amount of sensitive data exposed via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is increasing significantly, making APIs a primary target for attackers. Many recent, huge data breaches leveraged APIs – just think of the, US Post, T-Mobile or Verizon-incidents. API attacks are complex and targeted and can easily bypass traditional defense. These attacks CANNOT be detected by Web Application Firewalls, authentication or other baseline security tools. In addition, many application development projects, are far more focused on functional specification, the user experience and the deadlines than security concerns. Developers don’t think like attackers. This practice leaves unique vulnerabilities in public-facing APIs, creating risk for the business and opportunities for the bad guys.

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Unlimited configuration possibilities

Zorp API Security offers high flexibility to adjust connection or logging parameters, making it easy to avoid bad trade-offs between the effective business process and the desired level of API security. Your administrators can implement custom API security policies without the slightest compromise.

Highly flexible & highly skilled services team

Balasys has a flexible professional services team that helps you design, deploy, customize and support Zorp-based solutions on-site. We can help you tailor your Zorp API Security – we can configure the tool, customize data schemes, integrate with third-party tools and even develop custom modules.

Clean codebase

Zorp API Security is made in the EU and developed by a private Hungarian IT security company, Balasys.

Best value for money

Zorp API Security is a highly customizable, reliable and resource-efficient security tool available at an affordable price. Combined with flexible integration services, engineer-to-engineer access, trainings and direct vendor support, the product represents one of the most profitable offerings on the API security market today.

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iot security

IoT elements are exposed to be attacked permanently, so they need
solid security tools which can cut risks back to as little as possible.
In a world where everything joins networks, even networks too, you
need a tool to make these increased connections organized.
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