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Flexible defense of your networks

Based on the world's first modular proxy technology
Zorp Gateway is a highly flexible, multipurpose security gateway which can granularly control traffic to protect enterprise networks from advanced cyber threats. Zorp Gateway provides deep inspection of regular and encrypted network communication and has the capability to filter and modify the traffic. Thanks to its flexible architecture and scriptable configuration, your organization can deal with custom network security problems that traditional firewalls are unable to resolve.
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granular protocol control
Full interpretation and validaton of 20+ network protocols
Connection handling on application layer
Control of protocol channels ( e.g. file transfer, port forward)
comprehensive encryption support
control of SSL / TLS-encrypted protocols
TLS 1.3 cryptography support
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use cases

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Protection of critical systems
Zorp Gateway is not just a general-purpose firewall, it can also be deployed on your internal network to isolate and protect your sensitive network zones. more...

For example, you can protect your business-critical SAP system, mail server or data center by providing an in-depth, second line of defense behind the firewall on your network perimeter. less...

Ensuring compatibility with legacy systems
Thanks to its support of legacy protocols (Telnet, FTP, POP3, SSL, etc.), Zorp Gateway is also a reliable choice to protect your legacy servers. more...

Zorp Gateway can modify certain elements of the traffic. This makes it possible to hide information about security risks and treat the vulnerabilities of your legacy applications.

For example, you can remove error messages, banners or other information specific to the applications in order to hide faulty configuration or sensitive information about your infrastructure. less...

enterprise firewall
You can deploy Zorp Gateway on your network perimeter as a general-purpose enterprise firewall. more...

It can offer application-level protection and a wealth of configuration options in over 20 network protocols. You can regulate which servers your users can access by verifying the validity of the server certificates on the firewall against a customizable set of certificate authorities. Zorp Gateway also offers proxies for specific protocols such as SIP and MSRPC, eliminating the need to open large port ranges. In this way, your company policy can be granularly configured by selectively denying access to untrusted sites or certain network services. less...

web-application firewall (waf)
Zorp Gateway is a reliable tool for protecting your organization's web servers from advanced persistent threats (APTs). more...

It can inspect and analyze the content of the encrypted and non-encrypted HTTP traffic to verify that it conforms to the standards of the protocol. Beyond detecting advanced attack vectors, it can also hide the vulnerabilities or development errors of your web servers. less...

In-depth defense - Holistic firewall grid
Zorp Gateway offers a robust central management interface for handling hundreds of firewalls located in different network zones, or even geographically distributed environments. more...

The easy-to-use GUI provides cost-efficient security operations for enterprises with multiple branch-offices and managed security providers offering remote management services. less...

malware detection
Zorp Gateway provides a common platform for multiple antivirus engines. Using Zorp’s architecture, these engines can scan data channels that they cannot access on their own. more...

Zorp’s modularity and more than 20 proxy modules enable virus, spam and URL-filtering products to find malicious content in an unparalleled number of protocols, as well as in encrypted versions such as HTTPS. Thanks to the ICAP support, you can even integrate Zorp Gateway with behavior-based antimalware tools or sandbox-technologies. less...

traffic encryption
Zorp Gateway can encrypt non-encrypted or legacy internet communication protocols. The Zorp Gateway was one of the first IT security products to support the latest TLS 1.3 cryptographic protocol. more...

It also possible to encrypt data stored in cloud services. Communication security can be further improved by enforcing strong authentication from your users. Based on this feature set, your organization can implement highly secure web browsing, mailing or even e-banking/e-commerce services over a less secure internet infrastructure.

special network security projects
Thanks to its extremely flexible, scriptable configuration, Zorp Gateway can meet a range of specific security requirements. Just a few examples: more...

• Data manipulation – modifying sensitive or risky elements of traffic. For example, masking credit card data or hiding vulnerable server configurations
• Graceful degradation of services during peak times by preferring transaction-closing events
 • Implement your own protocol by using the AnyPy proxy and the power of Python less...

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granular protocol control
Full interpretation and validaton of 20+ network protocols
Connection handling on application layer
Control of protocol channels (e.g. file transfer, port forward)
comprehensive encryption support
Control of SSL / TLS-encrypted protocols
TLS 1.3 cryptography support
traffic manipulation
Data masking for compliance or privacy
Hiding security vulnerabilities of legacy systems
Easy solution for custom compatibility issues
Malware filtering in encrypted channels (even under extreme load)
ICAP support for integration with AV-, IDS/IPS- or DLP-tools
Certificate validation at the perimeter
Enterprise-level, multi-site firewall management
License- and certificate-management
Advanced management GUI
Authentication based on password, S/Key, SecurID, X.509, etc.
LDAP/AD, Kerberos- and Radius-support
Integration with authentication services
detailed audit logging
Logging of encrypted network traffic
High log verbosity for better network debugging and forensics
Seamless integration with log analyzing and SIEM tools
supported protocols and standards


Unparalleled configuration possibilities

Zorp Gateway offers almost unlimited flexibility for you to adjust connection parameters. That way, you can avoid bad trade-offs between effective business processes and the desired level of security. You can implement virtually any security policy without the slightest compromise. Zorp Gateway can be configured in detail via its powerful GUI or DevOps-friendly command-line interface. By using Python-scripts, even complex, multivariable decisions can be made.

Most comprehensive traffic controls

In contrast with the pattern matching of UTMs, Zorp Gateway manages network connections on the proxy level. Zorp terminates the connection on one side and establishes a new connection on the other; that way the transferred information is available on the device in its entirety, enabling complete inspection. The Zorp Gateway has proxy modules for over 20 network protocols and can control 100% of the commands and services of the protocols like port-forwards, file transfer or console. All proxy modules understand the protocol specifications and reject connections that violate the standards or the pre-configured rules.

Clean codebase

Zorp Gateway is made in EU, developed by a private Hungarian IT security company, Balasys.

Highly flexible and skilled engineers

Balasys has a flexible professional services team which helps you design, deploy, customize and support your Zorp-solution on-site. Our highly skilled engineers can solve your network security problems which other vendors can't solve (or only with costly custom development). We help you tailor your Zorp Gateway: we can reconfigure your network, write scripts, integrate with third-party tools or even develop custom modules. Thanks to our experienced, senior support engineers, we can provide you with highly professional, 24/7 vendor support as well.

Best value for money

Zorp Gateway is a highly customizable, reliable and resource-efficient solution available on an affordable price level. Combined with flexible integration services, engineer-to-engineer access, trainings and direct vendor support, the product represents one of the most profitable offerings on the network security market today.

core features

responsive core

Granular configuration options enable
administrators to fully implement
corporate security policies.

open source

Granular configuration options enable
administrators to fully implement
corporate security policies.

high-end protection

Granular configuration options enable
administrators to fully implement
corporate security policies.
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iot security

IoT elements are exposed to be attacked permanently, so they need
solid security tools which can cut risks back to as little as possible.
In a world where everything joins networks, even networks too, you
need a tool to make these increased connections organized.
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