The secure communication between applications and APIs have never been easier. Zorp API Gateway is a security gateway which enables companies to gain full control over their API integrations. Thanks to its transparent proxy technology Zorp can validate every single API requests and it also capable of performing content analysis even in secure, encrypted communication via APIs.

Zorp administrators are empowered to create granular, default-deny security policies enabling API services one-by-one. Using python scripts in the configuration opens a large room for creating custom, dynamic security rules. This flexibility helps IT security teams being a trusted advisor and business partner of the co-classes instead of the barrier of innovation.

Key features

  • Logging, debugging, audits
  • Password and credential management
  • IP access control
  • Data encryption
  • Swagger schema validation
  • WSDL validation
  • Custom security policies
  • TLS offloading
  • IDS and Fraud detection