Zorp™ Gateway is a robust perimeter defence technolgy developed for extended networks at enterprises and organizations with a demand for elevated security.

Zorp’s modular and highly customizable graphical configuration allows administrators to implement any security policy without the slightest compromise. Powered by cutting edge digital techonolgy its flexible authentication technology supports advanced features like Single Sign On authentication or user level Qos.

Its unique features make it a leader in providing robust perimeter defence for govenments and corporations alike.


  • Highly customizable, modular configuration
  • Encrypted protocol filtering
  • Central content filtering over encrypted channels
  • Special protocol compatibility
  • Single Sign On authentication
  • User level QoS


„Thanks to its excellent configuration and superb functionality, Zorp is a great enterprise grade application level firewall, which owing to its modularity is unusually flexible and adaptable. It has been controlling traffic with outstanding efficiency on all our 34 sites, under central, vendor supervision from Balasys.”
Gábor Fekete-Nagy – Department Head