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SCADA security

The latest generation of SCADA systems is actually IoT in industrial environments. Similar risks combined with extensive business and even social impacts. Sounds bad. Locks, switches, and sensors in public infrastructures controlled via the Internet mean both unparalleled cost-effectiveness and unprecedented risk of catastrophe. (Big red buttons, labeled not to push it, attract people to make a try.) SCADA systems should work under cover of undiscoverable security. Zorp provides bespoke protection for everything connected, be it a server or a device, or anything else between these two.
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GDPR security

The General Data Protection Regulation, the latest major compliance course by the EU, puts privacy first. It forces companies to protect personal data as carefully as they do it with their sensitive business information. However, there is far more to GDPR than just perimeter security, advanced gateway functions like content vectoring in encrypted protocols, granular access control, and traffic audit can armor you to fight this forthcoming battle both with criminals and auditors.
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Malware detection

Thanks to anti-virus companies, viruses mean manageable risk nowadays. It needs some efforts, but following the best practices you are in safe, more or less. Criminals had to figure out something new, something more effective. Bad news for you, they did. Targeted dynamic APT malwares do not want to raid over the entire world. These were created for carrying out intimate breaches, attacking only a distinct segment. That's why their toolset is both infinite and irregular at the same time. Killer combination, but there is a new hope. Let us introduce our retaliatory strike, Zorp Malware Detection, which is an unavoidable checkpoint made of a unique combination of proxy and sandbox technologies.
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Fintech security

There isn't another segment so exposed to IT security than finance. However great your technology or business model is, everything can collapse in a second after partners and customers question your reliability. And honestly, bank accounts and public cloud services in the same sentence makes info-criminals especially excited. Being a fintech startup, your IT security checklist is endless. You have to separate the development and the back office, protect the cloud app, pay attention to API security, and be compliant with regulations. Zorp Gateway is a robust network security suite for pros to manage extended networks, and to solve unique challenges. Granular configuration, content vectoring in encrypted protocols, malware detection, and API control are the keywords for you.
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Application level firewall

The role of perimeter security is being transformed by cloud computing, mobilization, and consumerization. Within the new holistic information security approach companies apply nowadays, firewalls are more important than ever. Zorp merges next-generation firewall security and advanced threat prevention to protect everything from single network elements to extended and distributed network environments. Equipped with the latest content vectoring proxy technology, Zorp offers real-time actionable intelligence and protection both from known and unknown threats while allowing administrators to implement security policies without the slightest compromise.
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The Internet of Things is the network of all things connected. Pieces of sports equipment, health tools, vehicles, household devices, and even houses are joining the Internet. The artificial world we built from objects is about to come to life. It spells unparalleled convenience and unprecedented risk. IoT elements are exposed to be attacked permanently, so they need solid security tools which can cut risk profiles back to as little as possible. Zorp offers uncompromising solutions against digital threats that may compromise the cloud, the network, or the device itself and provides scalable security for anything that can be connected.
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Cloud security

Companies and company departments want to focus on their core business, while everything else is needed "only" as an on-demand service. Using private and public clouds are the perfect way to transform the rigid model of ownership of things to flexible and agile SLA-based relationships. But there is no change without aftermath! On the one hand, some security aspects are more efficient to manage in a cloud environment. On the other hand, cloud applications can be attractive and apparent targets of info-criminals increasing the risk of running them. Without making a balance, it is easy to see that cloud environments need hardened architecture with explicit segmentation and strict perimeter defense. Zorp Gateway runs and operates homey in cloud environments, providing the necessary load performance and configuration freedom for professional usage.
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