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Log messages play a significant role in all IT environments. Logs serve as a data source for security, threat detection, forensics, operations, debugging and business analytics purposes.

At the same time, logs are filled with personal information that requires proper security measures in order to comply with local and regional regulations. This means that logs should be accessible only by those with explicit needs, and logs also should be protected during their entire lifespan.Logs arrive in tremendous amounts from multiple sources and in multiple formats.

If your infrastructure lacks failsafe measures, these logs can easily get lost or corrupted due to stability, performance and processing issues. Without central management, logs are stored in separate data silos, making it difficult to have a clear overall understanding of their amount and content.

This can make log related tasks tedious and inefficient, resulting in wasted resources and lower quality data for further decision making.

  1. Hackers shift their interest to APIs.

    The amount of sensitive data exposed via APIs is increasing significantly, making APIs a primary target for attackers. They’ve started to look for vulnerable, broken APIs to find ways to the back-end systems that store sensitive data. And they are becoming increasingly successful. Many recent huge data breaches have leveraged APIs – just think of the, US Post, T-Mobile and Strava incidents.
  2. Traditional security solutions are insufficient

    Today’s API attacks are increasingly complex, targeted and easily bypass traditional security solutions. These attacks CANNOT be detected by signature-based web application firewalls (WAFs), authentication or other baseline security tools. Advanced API attacks can only be prevented by targeted solutions. Without this knowledge in mind, businesses may expose their core systems data with a false sense of security.
  3. API developers work without focusing on security

    Security is not a priority for many application development projects: they focus on the functional specification, user experience and deadlines. Often, security requirements are not specified in detail in these projects. Developers don’t think like attackers. As there are no API-standards, they only deal with security on a best-effort basis. This practice leads to unique vulnerabilities in public-facing APIs, which in turn creates risk for the business and opportunities for the bad guys.
  4. Regulations require secure API communication

    PSD2 requires banks to open their APIs directly to retailers and third-party payment providers (TPP or fintech). GDPR indirectly requires the anonymization or pseudo-anonymization of personal data in transit. The PCI DSS requires financial providers to encrypt transmission of cardholder data via public networks, etc.  All these regulations have one key requirement in common: companies must protect customers’ data at rest and also in transit. To meet these criteria, regulated industries like finance or public services must start thinking about how to secure the sensitive data flow via their public-facing APIs.

Our log management solution delivers log data critical to understanding what is happening in your IT environment. Whether it’s user activity, performance metrics, network traffic, or any other log data, the Balasys solution is designed to collect and centralize it.
You can remove data silos and gain full-stack visibility of your IT environment. With our solution you can optimize your SIEM by prefiltering data feeds, benefit from rapid log search and troubleshooting, ingest logs into Big Data tools and meet logging related compliance requirements. 

Balasys’ consultancy services will help you identify your log management challenges and assemble the right solution set. We can customize our implementation services to meet your exact requirements.

After implementation, our training services will boost the efficiency of your operations staff. Should you need further assistance, we can help you with operations support.

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Development concept

Our Development concept

We continuously develop our API security concept to create a highly competitive and future-proof solution. On the top of our existing product functionality, we’re planning to add traffic transformation, authentication and malware detection capabilities. Our development plans include, but are not limited to:

- Data enrichment
- Anonymization & data masking
- Format and protocol conversion (e.g. json2xml)
- Graceful degradation of services in peak times
- Support of multiple authentication methods (AD/LDAP, X.509, Kerberos, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, etc.)
- Multi-layer content filtering


See the benefits of Balasys' log management solution:

High performance, centralized log collection and indexing

Filtering, parsing, rewriting, normalization

Rapid search through billions of messages

Alerts based on automated search queries

Easy integration with third-party tools (e.g. Splunk, Hadoop, Elasticsearch)

Secure, encrypted log transport and storage

Granular role-based access control

World class consultancy services to identify your log management challenges and develop the right solution

Customized implementation services to meet your individual requirements, regardless of your company size and complexity

Education services to boost the efficiency of your operations staff

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