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Thinking of firewalls as the only security tools in an enterprise network is an outdated approach. Cloud applications, mobility and BYOD have begun to blur the enterprise network perimeter – the place where the enterprise firewall was traditionally positioned.

Enterprise networks today must deliver hundreds of mission-critical applications and be flexible enough to support innovations ‘at the speed of business’ – all while preventing cyber-attacks and ensuring compliance. As a result, the security policy that protects an organization has become bigger and more complex than ever before, and this calls for flexible network security solutions.
At the same time, traditional firewalls have serious limitations in terms of supporting customized policies.

Single perimeter defense should be replaced by a holistic approach, where network security is an integrated part of the IT infrastructure. There is no question that the role of security gateways is changing, but rather than declining, their significance is on the rise as they begin to play a key role in the layered, in-depth defense of distributed enterprise networks.


For large, security-aware enterprises who have specific security requirements, our network security suite provides a highly flexible approach for implementing custom policies. In contrast to major firewall products, our network security solutions support extreme customization, an unprecedented level of traffic control and a far more reliable operation, all combined with an affordable pricing structure. Our security gateway is an application-level, transparent proxy built on the capabilities of the Zorp network security framework, the world's first modular proxy technology, with 20 years of development history on the European market.

Balasys’s consultancy services will help you identify your network security challenges and assemble the right solution set. We can customize our implementation services to meet your exact requirements. After implementation, our training services will boost the efficiency of your operations staff. Should you need further assistance, we can also help you with operations support.

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See the benefits of the Balasys' network security solution:

Unparalleled policy configuration possibilities

Granular user access control

Most comprehensive traffic controls

Clean codebase

World class consultancy services with " black belt " engineers

Customized implementation services for a company of any size or complexity

Education services to boost the efficiency of your security staff

Best value for money

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